Common anti-interference signal generator stereo audio isolator

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Common anti-interference signal generator stereo audio isolator

This product is an audio common ground isolator, which effectively suppresses the noise caused by the common ground for the sound source and receiving device.
So what's the common ground? To put it simply, the ground point of the two electrical appliances is not at the same point. Due to the difference in grounding resistance, noise is emitted into the electrical equipment through the ground wire to form interference. Since the grounding points of the two devices are different, a common background noise can be generated. The noise is mainly reflected in the car audio, that is, there is audio interference, such as whistling sound, the frequency of this noise will change with the engine speed. 
Connection method: two connection methods, which can be input and output two blue wiring terminals.
Main function: delete the current sound. The common isolated sound module eliminates the current sound carried by the AUX connector.


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