3-wire outdoor motion detector with time and ambient light settings

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Outdoor motion detector 3-wire time and ambient light settings

This Nedis® infrared motion sensor with a compact design prevents the light from turning on inadvertently, benefiting the environment, not to mention your bills.
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it also adds the convenience of not having to turn on the light manually.
The sensor is features adjustable delay time and light sensitivity settings and features a horizontally and vertically adjustable PIR head.
This model is It is suitable for 3-wire installations (live, neutral and breaker wire).



  • Compact design
  • PIR head adjustable horizontally and vertically 
  • Adjustable ambient light setting
  • Adjustable delay time setting
  • IP44, weather resistant
  • 3 wire installation

Product specification

Usage For Indoor and Outdoor
IP classification IP44
Height  68 mm
Input voltage 230 VAC 50 Hz
Temperature range - 20-40 ° C
Sensor reach 0.0 - 12.0 m
Angle of coverage horizontal 180 Â °
Width 55.4 mm
Weight 89 g
Maximum power output of the inca lamp 2000 W 
Max Output Power Filament Bulbs  5 - 300 W
Max Output Power Fluoresent Lam p 1000 W
Twilight setting 3 - 2000 Lux 
Functions Motion Sensor
Adjustable Light Sensitivity
Adjustable Timer
Adjustable Detection Sensitivity

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